NetLiner makes network automation a reality for mobile operators


Zhilabs, a Samsung Company, that delivers Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based network and service analytics for mobile and fixed networks, has announced the introduction of NetLiner. The new product provides mobile operators with real-time end-to-end network insights to take customer experiences to the next level and enable automated network operations in 5G networks.

In an era when 5G networks are becoming more complex to manage, mobile operators need greater levels of visibility and the ability to automate their operations for balancing their investments in 5G rollouts. Increasing network visibility is required to guarantee service level agreements (SLAs) for different network slices to provide subscribers with committed quality of services (QoS). Moreover, automation enables more efficiency, flexibility and self-operating 5G networks, improving networks cost savings.

To meet all these new challenges and help mobile operators boost returns on 5G network investments, Zhilabs has designed NetLiner as its new cloud native product that allows operators to gain 360-degree real-time visibility and understanding of their 5G Networks. Leveraging AI over big data analytics, NetLiner cost effectively collects key information from all parts of the network to correlate, stitch and enrich the data. In return, operators have access to advanced network insights that can be used for different use cases such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) improvement, performance prediction, deep visibility troubleshooting, pro-active customer care and automatic anomaly detection with root cause analysis.

Zhilabs is currently collaborating with leading Tier-1 operators to apply NetLiner for network automation use cases in order to increase NPS, automate Service Operation Centers (SOC) and monitor latency and bandwidth performance for a variety of low latency services in Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) scenarios.

With Zhilabs NetLiner, mobile operators can take steps to help flatten operational costs, enhance network performance, improve customer experience and create new revenue streams, making 5G networks profitable.

About Zhilabs 
At a time when Customer Experience is widely recognized as the key topic for Operators worldwide, Zhilabs provides the most advanced Customer Experience solution in the world. In production at multiple Tier-1s and OEMed by some of the top brands in the industry, Zhilabs Products allow Operators to forget about the data and focus on the Customers, 100% of them, all the time, in real-time. Unparalleled set of production-proven Use Cases, executive network and business views, intelligent root cause analysis, deep-dive at packet level, holistic multi-source, machine learning, high performance, video optimization, real-time. In October 2018, Zhilabs became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.