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WiZ Connected’s Entire Matter Device Portfolio Obtains Works with SmartThings Certification

Customers can connect over 350 WiZ products to SmartThings with confidence, ensuring a high quality and seamless experience


SmartThings, Samsung’s global connected living platform, today announces its collaboration with WiZ Connected, an IoT software solution provider focused on delivering easy-to-use, Wi-Fi-based smart lighting, and the completion of Wiz Connected’s Works with SmartThings (WWST) certification. Not only is Wiz Connected’s entire portfolio of 359 Matter-powered lighting products now in the SmartThings ecosystem, but they were certified in record speed.

SmartThings’ broad ecosystem allows seamless connectivity across diverse smart devices. Beyond Matter’s focus on standardization, WWST certification offers enhanced visibility on SmartThings platforms, marketing support, and participation in Samsung and SmartThings announcements. WWST certification also offers technical advantages like device control through Automations and supports business growth by enabling participation in an SmartThings open ecosystem. This certification empowers OEMs to stand out and quickly adapt, providing a competitive edge in the smart home technology market.

“Our recent updates to our Developer Center have made the Works with SmartThings certification process more seamless than ever before. We value our developer community and are always looking for ways to enhance the overall experience,” said Mark Tekippe, VP of Product & Growth at SmartThings. “We’re thrilled that WiZ was able to certify its entire product offering so quickly and excited to have its entire portfolio now available to consumers through SmartThings.”

At Samsung Developer Conference 2023, Samsung unveiled a suite of cutting-edge tools and features for SmartThings. Designed to reimagine the experience for SmartThings Ecosystem Developers, these advancements were developed to help device manufacturers quickly integrate their products with SmartThings. Using these tools, WiZ Connected was able to quickly upload, test, and publish its entire catalog of devices. Once WWST certified, WiZ Connected is able to display all of their devices on SmartThings web and app for millions of users, with retail links and access analytics to gain insights into customer engagement.

“We love SmartThings’ new Developer Center and used the Edge Device Builder and Certification Console to quickly certify our entire portfolio of devices,” said Maude Shen, Software Product Manager at Wiz Connected. “Getting all of our products into the SmartThings app and website opens the world of possibilities for consumers. In the past, we were unable to obtain engagement data after purchase, but now, the Analytics Dashboard has helped us create actionable insights.”

For more information about SmartThings and Wiz Connected’s WWST certification, please visit

About SmartThings:
SmartThings, Samsung’s global connected living platform, builds smart homes that are convenient, safe, sustainable and fun. Millions of people, in nearly 200 countries, use SmartThings to easily control their connected homes and IoT devices. SmartThings delivers simple, powerful experiences across Samsung’s leading portfolio of phones, TV, and appliances. We offer the most versatile smart home experience as an open platform with a rich partner ecosystem. As a founding member of Matter, we are a leader in the industry to help make smart homes more secure, reliable and seamless to use. Do the SmartThings at
About WiZ Connected:
WiZ Connected is an Internet of Things software solution provider focused on delivering easy-to-use, Wi-Fi-based smart lighting. Owned by Signify, the world leader in lighting, WiZ serves both consumer and professional markets in more than 70 countries. Learn more about WiZ Connected and how their innovative, connected lighting solutions make daily life easier at

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