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Samsung Unveils Bespoke AI Kitchen Appliances with Technology and Connectivity That Simplify Meal Planning and Cooking

The line includes new Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ refrigerators and redesigned Bespoke Slide-in Ranges

Bespoke AI appliances are now available for pre-order on


Samsung Electronics America, Inc. has expanded its Bespoke kitchen appliance portfolio with new 4-Door Flex™ refrigerator models and a completely redesigned line of premium slide-in ranges, including a Bespoke Slide-in Induction Range – the most advanced induction range that Samsung has ever introduced. These products build on Bespoke’s legacy of beautiful design and innovative features with new AI-powered technology to make meal planning and cooking easier than ever.

“When we first launched Samsung Bespoke in the U.S. three years ago, we brought something truly innovative to the home appliance market, meeting consumer demand for design-forward products that could be personalized to individual needs and lifestyles,” said Shane Higby, Senior Vice President and Head of Home Appliance Business for Samsung Electronics America. “We’ve continued to expand our Bespoke line and build on its success with new kitchen products that have advanced AI technology and connectivity to empower consumers to get more done.”

Flexible Refrigerators That Do More

Samsung has expanded its design-forward Bespoke refrigerator lineup with innovative new 4-Door Flex models – the Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator with AI Family Hub™+1 and the Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ with Beverage Zone™. Both have Bespoke’s signature modern design, with flat panel doors, recessed handles and premium finishes that elevate every kitchen aesthetic with an upscale look. The new models are available in Stainless Steel or White Glass and have interchangeable door panels that can be customized with 11 colors and two finishes, so consumers can create a fridge that fits their style. This feature makes it easy to transform the look of their kitchen without having to do a full renovation. Both refrigerators are also ENERGY STAR® certified and have been proven to use less power without sacrificing performance or functionality.2


The AI Family Hub™+ has advanced AI Vision Inside™ technology that uses a built-in camera to identify food items and accurately keep track of what goes in and out of the fridge. It recognizes a variety of fresh food items and automatically generates a list of what food users have in stock in the SmartThings app, sending recommendations for recipes that use those ingredients.3, 4 In addition to helping with meal planning, this feature lets users know what they need to buy when they’re shopping for groceries. The AI Family Hub™+ also has an expansive 32-inch LCD Display and comes with a robust ecosystem of built-in apps that includes YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, Samsung Food, free Samsung TV and more, making it easy for users to watch their favorite shows, find and follow recipes and order pantry staples from Amazon Essentials – right from the fridge screen.


Another new addition to Samsung’s Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ refrigerator lineup is the Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ with Beverage Zone™, which offers consumers ample personalization, food storage and beverage features. The modern and elegant glass door of the Beverage Zone™ automatically lights up when someone gets close, allowing them to see what’s inside without opening the fridge. A Flexible Mode setting also lets users choose from two temperature options, so they can use the space as a refrigerator or as a wine and dessert fridge with a showcase window that adds an elevated ambiance to the kitchen.

Cooking, Made Easier


Samsung has completely redesigned its entire lineup of Bespoke gas and electric ranges and added the Bespoke Slide-in Induction Range with 7-inch AI Home LCD Display to its portfolio. AI technology and SmartThings integration enable it to work seamlessly with users’ connected Samsung kitchen ecosystem.5

Bespoke Slide-in Range with Ambient Edge Lighting

The Induction Slide-in-Range has a stunning design that enhances the kitchen with a premium, high-end look. It comes in two beautiful finish options – Stainless Steel and White Glass – and its sleek Anti-Scratch Matte Glass Cooktop is easy to clean and durably designed for everyday use. The knob-less, flat panel exterior and recessed oven door handle give the kitchen a clean and contemporary feel. Ambient Edge Lighting™ adds to the range’s premium aesthetic, providing elegant mood lighting when it isn’t in use and offering helpful visual cues that let users know when their food is done or when it detects an issue, such as a slightly ajar oven door.

With the 4.3kW induction cooktop, users can enjoy the incredible precision and efficiency of induction cooking. Powerful heat and precise control ensure dishes are cooked quickly and evenly, and the heating elements provide a range of power levels, making it effortless to instantly go from low to high heat.

And with its AI Home Display and built-in Voice Control capabilities, Samsung’s new range offers cutting-edge cooking convenience. Users can view and adjust oven and cooktop settings with the intuitive touchscreen display and pull up recipes to easily follow directions while they cook.6 A built-in Smart Oven Camera and Wi-Fi connectivity also make it easy to record time-lapse video that can be shared on social media.

The Bespoke Slide-in Induction Range is also the first Samsung induction range to receive an ENERGY STARS® rating in the U.S.7


To round out its suite of new Bespoke appliances, Samsung also unveiled a new Bespoke Over-the-Range (OTR) Microwave with edge-to-edge glass controls and a modern design that adds a stylish touch to the kitchen. The microwave is available in a range of elegant color choices that complement any kitchen aesthetic and sophisticated Auto-Dimming Glass Touch Controls illuminate with a simple touch and dim when the microwave isn’t in use. And with a roomy 2.1 cu. ft. capacity, the microwave can accommodate dishes of all sizes.

Plus, the microwave does more than heat food. Convenient Auto Connectivity and built-in Wi-Fi let users sync it up with compatible Samsung ranges or cooktops using the SmartThings app.8 This allows the microwave’s ventilation and lighting to automatically turn on and off in tandem with the burners on their cooktop, giving them one less thing to do in the kitchen. Users can also remotely adjust ventilation speed and cooking time with their smartphone and receive alerts when food is done.9 The Bespoke OTR Microwave Oven is ENERGY STAR® certified and has been proven to use less power without sacrificing performance or functionality.10

Convenient Connectivity Enables Personalized Kitchen Experiences

Samsung’s Bespoke AI kitchen appliances enable a convenient connected experience that simplifies meal prep, grocery shopping and cooking.

With seamless screen experiences and SmartThings integration, it’s easier for users to control their kitchen appliances in tandem with their other connected Samsung devices. The intuitive touchscreen displays make it easy to view and ask for cooking status updates, adjust settings, and turn power and lights off and on. They can also be used to answer the front door and incoming phone calls, for uninterrupted meal prep and cooking.11 Users can enjoy convenient control of all their connected devices from the SmartThings app on their phone and via the screens on their kitchen appliances. And with the built-in Smart Oven Camera on the Induction Range, users can view the interior of their oven on their phone or Samsung TV and check the status of food without opening the oven door or being in the kitchen.

Samsung Food integration with Samsung Health and SmartThings also optimizes the benefits users get from their connected ecosystem of smart home appliances and devices. The platform can adjust recipes to individual dietary needs and preferences – whether users are watching their calories, they want a vegan version of a meat lasagna, or they’d like to reduce the prep time of a specific dish.12 These recipes can be displayed on the displays of the AI Family Hub™+ fridge and the Induction Range, making it easy to follow the instructions and toggle back and forth between appliances while multi-tasking in the kitchen. Users can also access a wealth of delicious recipes using the new Communities section of Samsung Food. They can quickly and easily find and share tips and recipes or form a niche cooking community to connect with like-minded foodies who keep them inspired.

In addition to having easy access to Bespoke AI appliance controls with the SmartThings app, users can also view and monitor the energy consumption of their connected appliances. They can also switch on AI Energy Mode in SmartThings Energy to automatically optimize the power consumption of their appliances and reduce the carbon footprint of their home.13

Samsung’s suite of new Bespoke kitchen products is now available for pre-order on

1 Does not mean all services available on the AI Family Hub are AI or generate information or outcome using AI. AI Vision Inside accessible through the AI Family Hub utilize AI-based algorithm, which may be updated periodically to improve accuracy. The AI-based algorithms may generate incomplete or incorrect information.
2 ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators are ecofriendly and energy-efficient* without compromising performance. Visit for more information on ENERGY STAR® guidelines.
3 AI Vision Inside can recognize and automatically label 33 unobscured fresh food items such as select fruits and vegetables; other items may be manually labeled. Results vary by manner of placement.
4 Get personalized recipe recommendations, search for and follow video recipes, and access your favorite apps, all from the 32” LCD Display. **Recipe recommendations and Bixby accessible through the Hub utilize AI (deep learning models).
[5] Requires Wi-Fi, SmartThings app on Android or iOS device and Samsung account required.
6 Get personalized recipe recommendations, search for and follow video recipes, and access your favorite apps, all from the 7″ AI Hub™ LCD Display. **Recipe recommendations and Bixby accessible through the Hub utilize AI (deep learning models).
7 ENERGY STAR® products, as defined by the U.S, EPA, are the same or better than standard products, but use less energy. Visit for more information on ENERGY STAR® guidelines.
8 Requires Wi-Fi, SmartThings app on Android or iOS device and Samsung account required.
9 Requires Wi-Fi, SmartThings app on Android or iOS device and Samsung account required.
10 ENERGY STAR® products, as defined by the U.S, EPA, are the same or better than standard products, but use less energy. Visit for more information on ENERGY STAR® guidelines.
11 Available in the U.S. only. Ring video doorbell and the Bespoke AI appliances must be connected with SmartThings and registered under the same Samsung account. For specific list of models, visit
12 Find out more at:
13 AI Energy Mode feature may vary by country, region, or device. It can switch all of your compatible smart appliances to Energy Saving mode either automatically or if your estimated monthly electricity bill exceeds your preset target. (ex. Refrigerator: optimizing compressor speed and operation and adjusting the set of freezer temperature) The energy usage and estimated cost shown in SmartThings Energy may differ from your actual usage and cost.

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