Consumers, connectivity, and entertainment were the key points of inspiration for Samsung’s 2018 home entertainment lineup. Now available in stores, here’s a need-to-know guide to the company’s flagship QLED TV models and expanded UHD and audio lineup that elevate today’s home entertainment experience.

Not just Bigger, Better

This year, Samsung is not just going big, but real big – because that’s what consumers want, according to Dave Das, Senior Vice President and GM of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics America.

“In 2017, 40 percent of Samsung’s TV sales in the U.S. were from TVs 65″ or larger. In 2018, that number will go up to more than half of all sales for Samsung TVs,” Das said.

That’s why the company’s 2018 QLED TV models include a 65-inch option and the Q9F model offers an 88-inch option. It’s all about a more impactful, immersive home viewing experience. The Q8F and Q9F also utilize Direct Full Array (DFA) technology, which uses a panel with zones of smartly controlled backlighting that adjust automatically to deliver deep blacks and pure whites.

Of course the most advanced display innovations can’t go without mention:

  • The Wall,” which first debuted in Las Vegas at CES 2018, is the world’s first modular Micro LED display that lets you customize the size for any shape you need and will be commercially available this August.
  • Samsung’s first commercial 8K TV that uses machine learning technology to analyze the image and intelligently upscales the resolution to an 8K viewing experience.
  • 4K for Gaming: Working together with Xbox, Samsung that minimizes input lag and offers fast frame-rate conversions and quicker refresh-rates.
Part TV, Part Chameleon 

Samsung has also added “Ambient Mode,” which enables the QLED line to become so much more than a TV. With Ambient Mode the TV becomes a canvas that can display photos, play music or show information like headlines from New York Times and weather information. But even more impressive is how by simply taking a picture of the wall behind the TV, Ambient Mode enables the TV to match the pattern and blend seamlessly into home décor.

Cable Clutter No More 

Stepping up the innovation behind the One Invisible Connection* cable helps declutter the tangle of cords that’s normally inevitable with any entertainment setup. The One Invisible Connection™ incorporates both power and AV data into the very sleek connector that, for the first time in the TV industry, connects the TV to both external devices and the power source. So now you can place it anywhere you want in the room, regardless of where power outlets or cable inputs may be.

“One of the things that Samsung has focused on is taking away all of the distractions that can get in the way of you and a perfect viewing experience,” said Das. “That can mean picture quality, but it also means design. The One Invisible Connection cable is really a revolution in this space so all you need to run between your TV and the Samsung One Connect ** is this one cable, that’s paintable and can seamlessly blend into the décor.”

SmartThings app on Samsung QLED TV.

A More Intelligent TV + Big Sound Options 

Samsung also knows how much consumers love to binge watch the latest hit show or go from watching on their smartphones while on-the-go to their TV when they arrive home, so intelligent capabilities like Effortless Login, Universal Guide and Samsung’s unified Internet of Things (IoT) experience with SmartThings and Bixby all combine to create a more intelligent TV.

Effortless Login reduces setup time when you buy a new TV by transferring Wi-Fi and account information directly from your Galaxy phone to your TV. Universal Guide provides one intuitive menu to navigate across different streaming services and live TV, and with Bixby and the SmartThings app, it’s easier than ever to control just about everything —music, movies, and the entire Smart home – all with a simple voice command.***

Finally, no home entertainment experience is complete without best-in-class sound to make you feel like you’re right in the thick of the action. Samsung’s new audio options give everyone the audio experience that fits their personal passions. For example, there’s the HW-K950 for an extraordinary cinematic experience, the HW-N650 that features Acoustic Beam Technology for die-hard gamers and the HW-NW700 offering a sleek, wall-mounted design to blend into any home environment.

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*One Invisible Connection applies to Q7 and higher models except Q8F. Available on select models, cord length up to 15 meters.
**One Connect Box may vary by model.
***Bixby service ability may vary by country or carrier. Voice Command recognizes English (U.S.), Mandarin Chinese and Korean. Not all accents, dialects and expressions are recognized. The list of features that can be controlled by voice commands via Bixby will continue to expand. Mobile functionality compatible with Samsung Galaxy 8 series or higher with Bixby function. Samsung Account log-in and data network (Wi-Fi wifi or internet connection) required to fully operate Bixby features.