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Samsung Recognized by U.S. EPA as ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year


Samsung Electronics America has been honored with 2024 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Awards by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The recognitions include our eleventh Sustained Excellence Award for Product Brand Owner for our outstanding contributions in protecting the environment through the development of energy efficient products and our second Sustained Excellence Award for Energy Management for our achievements in operational energy efficiency. Samsung is the only company to be recognized with two Sustained Excellence Awards in 2024.


According to the Consumer Expenditure Survey by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10% of American’s yearly income is spent on utilities.1 However, by choosing ENERGY STAR certified products, a typical household can save hundreds of dollars on their energy bills each year – up to $450 according to the EPA. For this reason, Samsung continues to innovate in energy-efficient technologies and programs that that reduce the consumption of our devices and help our customers save money. In addition to a full range of ENERGY STAR certified products, we offer the power-saving AI Energy Mode within SmartThings Energy which saves up to 70% energy on select TVs and Home Appliances. We’ve also embarked on Demand Response partnerships that help people take advantage of cost savings when they reduce their household energy use during peak hours.

“The reality is utility costs continue to significantly strain household budgets. We recognize the challenges faced by consumers, and in response, we are prioritizing ways to help them take immediate action to reduce energy usage and save on their energy bills,” said Mark Newton, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Samsung Electronics America. “As a longstanding partner of ENERGY STAR, we hope to lead by example by pursuing innovative, energy-efficient improvements to our facilities across the U.S.”

2023 Product Efficiency Highlights

Samsung has a long history of developing energy-efficient products. Since 2009, our product efficiency improvements have helped customers avoid over 350 million metric tons of CO2 emissions through the usage phase of our products – the equivalent carbon impact of taking over 77 million cars off the road for a year. These advancements not only reduce customers’ energy bills, but also contribute to a positive impact on the planet.

2023 Sustainable Operations Highlights

Samsung Electronics America has 44 locations spread across 20 states in the U.S., ranging from offices and warehouses to distribution centers and electronic and appliance labs. In 2023, Samsung obtained 3 additional Tenant Space recognitions and has 15 leased properties that have earned the Tenant Space recognition, one Charter Tenant Space, and one building that is ENERGY STAR certified. With 36% of our Samsung premises ENERGY STAR Tenant Space Recognized, this number ranks second nationally for most recognized Tenant Space properties.

In 2023, we reduced our energy consumption by 9.2% and reaffirmed our commitment to ENERGY STAR at these locations by conducting the following activities:

  • Retro-commissioning at our 280k sf facility in North Texas, which resulted in improved performance of the air handling units, AHUs, and chilled water system.
  • Energy audits that identified 122 energy conservation measures, ECMs, including refining air handing unit schedules at the AHU and zone level to better match building occupancy.
  • Capital equipment upgrades that enhance energy savings, including replacing two boilers and numerous building automation system, BAS, upgrades.

Since 1992, EPA’s ENERGY STAR program has served as America’s resource for saving energy and protecting the environment, functioning as the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency and providing vital information for consumers and businesses to make informed sustainable choices. The program and its partners – like Samsung – have helped consumers save over $500 billion in energy costs and cut over four billion metric tons of greenhouse gases.2 And, each year, the ENERGY STAR program honors a select group of businesses and organizations that have made outstanding contributions in the transition to a clean energy economy.

To learn more about Samsung’s continued environmental progress, please visit our U.S. Environmental Toolkit.

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* Samsung’s efforts to enrich and expand SmartThings Energy have led the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to award Samsung the industry’s first mass-market Smart Home Energy Management Systems (SHEMS) certification.

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