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Samsung Partners With Quest and Telarus to Revolutionize Digital Signage for SMB Owners

The groundbreaking managed service simplifies IT operations and modernizes business environments with high-value display content


Samsung Electronics America is partnering with Quest Technology Management to introduce a groundbreaking managed service, offering innovative digital signage solutions for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) exclusively through Telarus technology advisors. The all-in-one managed service package enables SMB owners to modernize their business environments with simplified content and device management and state-of-the-art displays to amplify brand impact.

The new service harnesses the power of Samsung’s market-leading digital signage technology and VXT Content Management System, a cloud-native solution for digital signage that transforms content creation, management and remote device operation. Through the service, Quest and Telarus offer SMB owners access to Samsung Display’s extensive portfolio of solutions, including best-in-class monitors, self-service kiosks, indoor and outdoor LED signage, as well as EV charging stations.

“We are beyond excited to bridge the execution gap between consistent managed services and on-premise infrastructure deployment, delivering a simple yet powerful digital content offering to our partners and their customers,” said Adam Burke, Vice President of Sales and Partnerships, Quest Technology Management. “This partnership is all about making state-of-the-art digital signage more accessible and streamlined.”

“Our commitment to bringing best-of-breed solutions and integrations to the market with Quest is unwavering,” said Christie Hamberis, Vice President of Supplier Management, Telarus. “This new offering exemplifies our dedication to our partners, empowering them with innovative tools and services.”

Samsung VXT used to display signs for fashion and coffee

Samsung VXT CMS represents a leap forward in digital signage solutions, offering unparalleled ease in settings configuration, feature updates and remote installation from the cloud. The CMS allows for intuitive content creation on any mobile device, elevating business displays to new heights of creativity and efficiency. With a combination of cloud-native structure, intuitive UX design and smart business operations, VXT aims to transform digital signage management.

Samsung VXT CMS used to display signs for a cafe

“Digital signage offers businesses of all sizes a powerful way to elevate their brand experiences and deliver high-impact content that engages customers and drives revenue growth,” said Sukhmani Mohta, Head of Marketing and Partnerships, Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “We developed VXT as a cloud-native solution to simplify content creation, delivery and device management. Leveraging our signage and VXT with Quest and Telarus, businesses can instantly deploy content in real-time, from anywhere, and unlock the full potential of their digital signage ecosystems.”

Quest’s comprehensive services include the provision of endpoints, installation, cloud SaaS integration and carrier services to support the displays—all under one consolidated agreement.

Detailed view of Samsung VXT content management system, showing signs for restaurant

To learn more about how Samsung’s digital signage innovations help businesses engage, inform and entertain their customers, please visit

About Quest Media and Supplies Inc.
Quest Media and Supplies Inc. is a leading provider of managed services and IT solutions. With a focus on innovation and customer service, Quest delivers cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses across various sectors.
About Telarus
Telarus is a premier technology services distributor, connecting businesses with a vast network of service providers. Known for their expertise and comprehensive solutions, Telarus is a trusted partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge technology services.

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