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Galaxy S24 Series: Six Camera Features That Ensure You Never Miss a Moment

Powered by Samsung’s ProVisual Engine, the cameras on the S24 series feature faster shutter speeds, dual recording and other cutting-edge capabilities


Woman on an outdoor swing captured on a Samsung S24+ camera using Enhanced Zoom

Captured by Galaxy S24+

Life moves at a quick pace. When you’re trying to capture exciting moments and keep a record of meaningful memories, you need a camera that’s ready to move. Enter the Galaxy S24 seriesAI-enhanced, responsive and ready for cutting-edge photography action in an instant.

Thanks to a suite of versatile camera tools and editing functions powered by Samsung’s ProVisual Engine, the Galaxy S24 series waves goodbye to hassle, fumbling with the settings and time-consuming editing for a new, effortless photo experience. Whether it’s a spontaneous sight like your dog springing over a fence or a candid moment at a family gathering, you’ll be prepared to preserve fleeting moments with speed and precision.

Six ProVisual Engine Features That Help You Capture Life as It Happens

1. Motion Photo
Everyone has their phones out at firework displays, and capturing the huge bursts of light as they disperse can look fantastic. But with Motion Photo, you can take spectacular light displays and lines of movement to the next level in your photos. By recording the preview up to three seconds, the Galaxy S24 series records a short span of motion in action, compiles it into a single moving image and then presents it to you in preview via Super High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities designed for especially dark1 or bright environments.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series Provisual Engine

With new Motion Photo capabilities, Team Samsung Galaxy b-boy extraordinaire Kid Karam’s signature breaking style can be captured in all its dynamic detail without missing a single movement.

Thanks to automatic AI upscaling, Motion Photos are now made up of a higher number of pixels for richer detail. You can also select any given frame of your Motion Photo to save as a standalone image in the Gallery app. In the Gallery, you can even compress your whole three-second Motion Photo together to create a single Long Exposure image or apply more effects such as Single Take via Enhance-X app.

2. Faster Shot-to-Shot Shutter Speed
With a 30% boost in shot-to-shot shutter speed compared to the previous series, the Galaxy S24 series’ camera can take more photos within a shorter time span. This lets you take crystal-clear photos in rapid succession without having to slow down while images process. The next time you’re capturing your dog at the park, faster shots will let you capture every precious moment without missing it.

3. Instant Slow-mo
For those moments that are begging to be savored – like your daughter scoring the winning goal at a soccer match or your uncle busting his moves on the wedding reception dance floor – Instant Slow-mo has you covered, requiring no prior setup for the capturing process. Through intelligent AI Frame Rate Conversion (AI FRC) technology, the Galaxy S24 series can transform HD 24fps to UHD 60fps videos into slow-mo epics. FHD 240fps to UHD 120fps slow-mo videos can go further still with super slow motion. By generating new intermediate frames of movement based on the video that is already there, Instant Slow-mo achieves silky-smooth, highly detailed replays every time. Starting in late March, Instant Slow-mo will expand to support 480×480 24fps videos, allowing users to create social media-friendly video content with ease.

To achieve these slow-mo effects, the Galaxy S24 series uses powerful AI Frame Rate Conversion (FRC) technology:

  • First, AI FRC takes every two frames from the video as it was originally recorded and uses a deep learning model to analyze and extract motion information.
  • Extracting this information establishes the differences between frames and helps AI FRC interpolate intermediate frames that give the video slower motion.
  • This process is carried out twice – in both square dimension and reverse dimension – to boost the accuracy of the new, additional frames that have been generated.
  • Then, two fusion processes are carried out: Fusion Map and Residual. Fusion Map detects and extracts 2D outlines to help detect motion differences between frames, while Residual adds extra corrections and post-edits to minute details for enhanced accuracy. This allows the feature to create accurate intermediate frames extremely quickly.
  • When this is completed, the outputs of these two processes are fused one last time to render the final, AI-generated intermediate frames that give the video both fluid slow motion and meticulous detail.

Samsung Provisual Engine Card in Galaxy S24 series

4. Dual Recording
There are times when your reaction to a moment is just as priceless as the moment itself. With Dual Recording, you can record simultaneously with both the front and the rear camera so that your loved ones can see not only how amazing the view from the mountain peak was, but how ecstatic you were to finally reach it.

Upgraded from the previous Director Mode feature, Dual Recording now even lets you record with two rear cameras at the same time – Ultra Wide with 3x, for example – with Full HD resolution supported on Galaxy S24 and S24+ and Full HD and Ultra HD supported on S24 Ultra. With Preview Snap, you can extract a snapshot image from your recording at any time, while dedicated Image Signal Processor (ISP) Block and enhanced ISP capabilities support improved video noise and brightness.

5. 10 ND Filter Types
Natural Density (ND) filters are often attached to professional-grade cameras to help do things like limit light, reduce noise or lengthen exposure. No such attachments are required, with 10 different ND filters built into the Galaxy 24 series’ camera for maximum user choice and control.  ND-filtered photos synthesize multiple frames at once and analyze object movement to create one still image with a clear sense of living motion in, for example, photographs of bonfires or waterfalls.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series Provisual Engine

6. Single Take
Galaxy’s Single Take function lets you capture a range of image types with just a tap – up to 10 in total based on one shot. This means if you want to sneak a quick shot of your friend opening the birthday gift you got them, you don’t need to waste time deliberating over the best camera mode in advance.

AI also enhances Single Take’s pose and skeleton detection capabilities. Previously finetuned to analyze human motion, skeleton detection can now recognize pets too, tracking their poses and rapid movements in real time for the best photos, videos and collages of your leaping canines and lounging cats. If a human subject is jumping through the air, for example, skeleton detection identifies when the subject is at their highest point and presents that frame as the best image for the user. When applied to your pet, it analyzes your pet’s poses to capture the moment best showing off their facial features.

1 In cases where the environment has insufficient light, Motion Photo may be automatically disabled and Night Mode will be activated instead. By tapping the moon symbol at the bottom of the display, the user can turn off Night Mode and revert to Motion Photo again.

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