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Empowering Consumers in the Incoming Green Economy


Samsung is more than a global technology leader: we’re an agent of change for a greener future. As we see consumers and lawmakers pivot toward supporting a greener, more sustainable world, we have been at the vanguard of this journey by innovating and pioneering ways to help consumers lessen their impact on the planet. For over 30 years, sustainability has been at the forefront of our products and services, from product design and manufacturing to user experience and recovery. Our commitment to everyday sustainability is reflected in our family of energy-efficient home appliances, electric batteries and our proud record of powering 100% of our U.S. facilities with renewable energy.

At a time when lawmakers have enacted groundbreaking environmental legislation, they have consistently approved of measures that shift the power to individual consumers as drivers of a transition to greener energy. These ambitious initiatives are designed to incentivize the American consumer to adopt new behaviors through voluntary incentives such as rebates and tax credits. Some of these programs – such as the High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebates Act (HEEHRA) – help consumers of lower and moderate income levels upgrade to energy-efficient appliances such as induction cooking products and heat pump dryers and make a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable future and save money in the process.


With nearly 81% of our appliances being ENERGY STAR certified as of 2022 – such as our ENERGY STAR washers from Newberry County, SC – we provide the consumer looking to take reduce their impact on the planet, and their bills with tremendous value for their investment. Our ten-year recognition with a Sustained Excellence Award for Product Brand Owner from the EPA ENERGY STAR is a recognition of our unwavering commitment to preserving the environment, which has helped consumers avoid over 334 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions globally. By aligning economic incentives with environmental outcomes, Samsung is ready to successfully leverage the power of consumer choice in the broader fight against climate change.


But Samsung’s approach to sustainability is not limited to product features. As an environmentally conscious organization, we strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible. One such effort is our groundbreaking partnership with environmental clothier Patagonia. We joined forces to develop a washing machine that significantly reduces the release of harmful microplastics into waterways, exemplifying how a cross-sectoral collaboration can pave the way for more environmentally friendly products that put consumers’ interest in sustainability at the forefront.

Another testament to our innovative prowess is the development of technology that allows TV remotes and phone chargers to operate at near-zero standby power. This contributes to significant energy conservation but also propels the electronics landscape towards a more sustainable future. The integration of such technological advancements in everyday devices signifies our dedication to reducing excess energy consumption at every possible juncture.


Moreover, our pioneering SmartThings program promotes energy conservation by empowering consumers to monitor their real-time energy usage. In 2023, we made another significant stride by introducing the first mass-market Smart Home Energy Management System to earn ENERGY STAR certification. This groundbreaking system simplifies consumer efforts to save energy, further illustrating Samsung’s dedication to making everyday sustainability an attainable reality for all.

While our ultimate objective is a greener, more sustainable future supported by innovative, energy-efficient products, our aim now is to make it easier for consumers to obtain those energy-saving appliances under programs like HEEHRA. States should keep these simple – and equal – across the nation, and create as much consistency as possible in program design and eligibility for manufacturers, governments, and retailers to educate consumers about the rebates and provide them with the easiest possible process to obtain them. Enabling people to reduce their climate impact and save them money, is and should be a simple process. One that drives American innovation and powers the people’s choices, making a cleaner, greener world, one appliance at a time.

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