In the new age of the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s all about products communicating to make our lives easier and better by managing daily tasks efficiently to save time. That’s exactly what Samsung’s newest technologies showcased this week at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Taking a different approach this year to presenting the newest products and services from Samsung, the company’s booth is a pseudo “city” of sorts – divided into Home, Lifestyle and Innovation districts where visitors took in elegant experiences showcasing how Samsung is increasing opportunities for consumers to adopt IoT into their daily lives.

First stop was the Home District of Samsung City, where guests got acquainted with Bixby Everywhere— Samsung’s personalized intelligent service for TVs, refrigerators, mobile devices, and more.

The central focus of the Home district is Samsung’s commitment to what the company calls the Multi-Device Experience, which starts with Bixby and the soon-to-launch SmartThings App. The IoT platform allows users to control devices at home, at the office and on-the-go seamlessly and across multiple devices.

Using Bixby and the soon-to-be released SmartThings app, visitors to the booth witnessed how the IoT platform can migrate a movie that’s screening in the living room to a bedroom TV with a simple verbal command. Without missing a beat, Bixby also turned on the lights and turned off the TV after it was told by the speaker, “I’m going to bed.” In Samsung City at CES 2018, guests experienced a variety of Bixby-powered multi-device environments demonstrating Samsung’s IoT vision for connected experiences that allow consumers to reduce the number of steps to get things done.

Next up: The Lifestyle District of Samsung City, where guests discovered how Samsung’s next generation Family Hub refrigerator, powered by Bixby, works with other devices to empower living a healthy lifestyle through food management, family communication and connected living. The IoT experience then moved beyond the smart home to the connected car experience where Samsung revealed its first integration of Samsung 5G networks and how, together with Harman, the company is making cars safer and smarter while bringing entertainment and productivity into a vehicle. And for a more productive and collaborative work experience, visitors took Samsung’s cutting-edge Samsung Flip and Notebook 9 Pen for a test drive.

Strolling over to Samsung City’s Innovation District, guests scored an exclusive preview of The Wall, a stunning 146-inch modular MicroLED TV that can scale into different sizes, as well as Samsung’s new 8K TV with artificial intelligence, which upscales standard definition content to 8K resolution and automatically optimizes sound.

The excitement around IoT was palpable within Samsung City and with the company’s vision for making all Samsung devices intelligent by the year 2020; it’s only a matter of time before connected living becomes not only the norm, but a necessity for many.