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The 5-Minute Fix from Samsung Care: Energy Saving Tips for the Environment and Your Wallet


With the holidays coming and colder weather ready to set in, now is a great time to plan ahead for the Fall and Winter months. Energy efficient tweaks around your home can save you money and have a positive impact on the environment.

From shopping for ENERGY STAR certified products that can save you about $450 on your annual energy bill* to 5-minute or less tips, our second Care Advice column from the experts in Samsung Care share their top tips to get the most out of the tech in your life.

Here, Nick Webert, Senior Director of Care Field Service Operations, answers some common questions we receive with simple and effective steps that can make a difference for both the environment and your wallet.


Is there a way to save energy when washing or drying clothes?

The 5min Fix: When washing and drying your clothes, you should take a different approach with each. Your washer will consume the same amount of energy regardless of load size. Whereas your dryer will use more energy if the load size exceeds its maximum capacity. So, for a quick and simple fix this fall and winter, fill your washer to its capacity but reduce your load size when drying. Worried that this might increase your chore time? Make use of the “high-spin” cycle on your washer, if available, to remove as much moisture from your clothes before drying.

What about when washing dishes?

The 5min Fix: When selecting a cycle mode, opt for the “auto” setting. Dishwashers are equipped with sensors that can automatically detect the soil level of your load, so it can cut off its cycle when less water is needed. In contrast to settings like “heavy” or even “express,” which ensure a certain amount of water usage, you can save up to three gallons by selecting the “auto” mode.

Or when cooking?

The 5min Fix: Try optimizing off-peak time-of-day programs with your utility company. Some utilities will give you a discount when you limit your energy use early in the morning or evening. When you can, attempt to use your large appliances and electronics during off-peak energy demand hours. Check with your utility to find out what those are in your area.

And even when watching TV?

The 5min Fix: Look to use Eco-mode when using your TV throughout the day and even at night. Eco-mode is available on most contemporary TVs to help limit power consumption as well as limit eye strain when in dark settings.

For additional energy savings, take advantage of Samsung’s SmartThings app and explore SmartThings Energy. By pairing your smart appliances and products to SmartThings, you can receive energy efficiency tips based on your specific habits at home. Users can also opt to activate AI Energy Mode, a power-saving feature that uses AI-enhanced systems to track variables like wash load size, habits that impact fridge temperature and more.

By adopting a few simple yet impactful energy-saving habits, you can contribute to a more sustainable future while saving money!

Check back next month for more quick fixes from our trusted Samsung Care team!

*Source: U.S. EPA 2022. For more, visit

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